Beyond Consensus

Our History

Beyond Consensus is the product of over two years of research into extraordinary conflict resolution. The genesis for this research was the Ontario Living Legacy project.

Ontario’s Living Legacy (OLL) doubled Ontario’s protected lands with a world leading accord between industry, the environmental community and the government.

The process began as an attempt to reach a goal of twelve percent protected land in Ontario. To resolve the historic conflicts between environmentalists, the tourism industry, the forest industry, mining, recreational land users and the aboriginal communities the government commissioned three round tables to find a consensus.

After over two years of extensive hearings the round tables recommended a consensus agreement that would reach 50% of the government’s objective. The consensus was extremely volatile with all concerned parties expressing significant reservations.

The government chose to move beyond the consensus model and initiated a process that lead to the Living Legacy Accord.

Beyond Consensus was created by the people who produced the Living Legacy Accord to assist others in moving beyond the consensus model of conflict resolution.