Beyond Consensus

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We believe that moving beyond consensus models of conflict resolution requires dexterity in applying the processes identified in our research. Each conflict is unique and the level of engagement and sophistication of competing groups negate the use of a one size fits all solution.

Beyond Consensus provides a knowledgeable overview of a conflict and a series of tools to assist in the resolution process.

We provide assistance in the development of problem/possibility statements. The essential question "what is the genesis of the conflict" requires a clear and succinct problem statement from each party. Not surprisingly, a lack of clarity in this area makes resolution difficult.

Few organizations have concisely identified the cost of conflict. The question "what would be possible if this conflict was resolved" is essential to moving beyond the consensus model.

Our research indicates the necessity of agreed science, history and/or law as a foundation for resolution. We assist in reaching agreement on the required data by engaging credentialed experts and working with historic data.

Leadership is the key element in producing an extraordinary solution. Beyond Consensus works to identify and support champions who can provide the required leadership.

By ensuring that the required steps of producing clear problem/possibility statements, creating agreement on relevant science/history/law and identifying and resourcing champions are completed we ensure that all parties are equipped to reach an extraordinary agreement in a facilitated framework.